History of 25th of January!

Well, i dont know how to start,,it all started by facebook everyone started makiing groups on facebook and they decided to do revolutions and in that way it started. I was really proud of what the egyptian people did and where they reached! I think that the whole country should change not only the government system and there should be discpline in the road and in the people themselves! and now the egyptian person is having aloot of importance in the society! (:


7th of April…

An unusal day for me was the day when my father died. It was on 7th of april 2010. He was sick and he was having problems in his kidney. In that day we were In Egypt. In that day my mom went to the hospital in the mornig with my brother (Noor Eldin) to my dad because my brother wanted to say goodbye before traviling to kuwait for getting his exam, but my father at that time was in the intensive care and unconsious. After saying goodbye, my brother travelled, in that time i went to the hospital and there was my uncle,his wife , my aunt, and my grandmother. And after a little while my father heart stoped pumping and he passedaway. At that time i was not believing what was going on. I thought that i was in a dream. And at that moment, i was watching my whole family in such condition that i had never imagined. And ofcourse my brother at that time didn’t know what had been going on. And we didn’t even tell him because he was having exmas and we decided that we would tell him about what happened after his exams. And after a few days he came and knew. He was in such a bad condition that i never saw. And that day was really the worst day i have ever had. :’)